Turtles Beach Resort

Beach apartments with sea view in Hurghada

The Turtles Beach Resort is a residential complex right on the Red Sea with a private beach.

The fantastic beach location as well as the excellent apartments and more the appealing entertainment offer from culinary enjoyment to pampering wellness moments offer ideal conditions for a relaxing stay.

Equipped with various pools plus a wellness and fitness area and a nice restaurant with excellent sea view. The Turtles Beach Resort is ideal for every requirement.


Ready-to-move 2-room apartment on the beach at Turtles Beach Resort!

43.700,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-F1-8: A ready to move into apartment on the beach! This offer simply cannot and…
Beds 1
Baths 1
Area 51 m²

Studio with 58 sqm in the Projekt Turtles Beach Resort

27.326,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-ST-D3-2-1 - A popular resort right on the beach that offers you - the residents…
Beds 0
Baths 1
Area 58 m²

Apartment with pool and sea views in the beautiful Turtles Beach Resort

41.040,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-2BD-D1-2-4 - Apartment with private beach, ocean and pools!
Beds 2
Baths 1
Area 76 m²

A charming apartment is waiting for you in Hurghada on the Red Sea

33.168,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-1BD-D1-1-6 - Hurry up and get a piece of the Red Sea now!
Beds 1
Baths 1
Area 63.18 m²

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