Resorts in Hurghada

In order to better present our selection of residential complexes in Hurghada (i.e. the so-called resorts), we have created these pages. You can of course find more detailed information on the project pages or by contacting our sales team at any time and asking your questions without obligation. A large number of questions and answers can already be found on this website.

The Turtles Beach Resort in Hurghada

The Turtles Beach Resort can be unadorned as the cradle of the success of Living Point. Here our success began with planning and continues to this day unchecked in sales, but also in new projects. What hardly anyone knows is that the first groundbreaking actually took place in October 2012, but then the developer had to change designers again. So construction for this residential complexes in Hurghada startet in January 2013. The revolution and many other hurdles were mastered with flying colors by the entire team.

View from Turtles Beach to the red sea with its different shades of blue

Turtles Beach Resort – the number one of the Resorts in Hurghada

Anyway, today the “Turtles” – as it is affectionately known today – is the most popular residential complex in Hurghada. From the beginning we planned studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms, and so provided wonderful apartments with sea views right on the beach in Hurghada at an affordable price.

Furthermore we have also implemented “extra requests”, for example 4-bedroom apartments and larger, but also penthouses and duplex apartments.

With its pools, private beach, restaurant & amp; Pool bar, management, children’s pool and many other facilities, there is a wide range of amenities.

In addition to water sports, you can of course also simply spend your vacation in this resort Hurghada on the beach or explore the surrounding area. It is worth becoming part of the “Turtle” – be it for your own use or as an investment overseas.

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The Athena Resort Hurghada

Brand new and very soon available is the Athena Resort on the beach of the Red Sea. Thanks to our many years of experience paired with the excellent skills of the architect, we have again created something new. Our focus was on creating something new – something new that had never been seen before. At no cost we just wanted to add another resort to the series of structures. This resulted in various ideas and ultimately the concept with Athena. In only 3 years of planning everything grew out of a hand-painted piece of paper into plans, drawings and pictures.

In addition to its appearance, the ATHENA mainly differs through the larger living areas, the extended use of the roof areas for terraces, balconies and penthouses, but also through really exclusive villas in the first row on the Red Sea. These are limited luxury villas in Hurghada at unbelievably low prices, also because of the exquisite location on the gold-colored beach in Hurghada. Each villa can have its own pool for a small surcharge.

The Athena Resort Hurghada – Greek romance on the golden beach

In addition to the different types of apartment, there are of course great offers and amenities in the AR. These residential complexes in Hurghada include pools, restaurants – management and the like are basic offers for us. In the Athena, however, there are also shops, a water sports center and much more.

Construction & Payment plans

Construction will start around the middle of 2021 and the client plans to complete it around 4 years later, i.e. in 2026.

The long payment plans, which can be agreed for up to 6 years, are particularly interesting. Should you be able to raise the purchase price in one sum, you can also get a hefty discount. Please be aware that buying early saves a lot of money, because the closer we get to completion, the more expensive the units will be. From experience, you can expect about 30-50% higher prices at the end of construction.

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The Oriental Lodge Compound in Hurghada

In “ORIENTAL” it is a little different, because both the planning and the shell were already completed. As a Living Point that Oriental Lodge in its portfolio lacked a professional sales strategy, which is why we made some redesigns and changes together with the owners.

This made the orienteering interesting for international customers and the sales figures speak their own language since then. Among other things, a community pool has been added, Internet is now pre-installed in all apartments and we are particularly proud of the redesign of the upper apartments.

 Residential complexes Hurghada - Apartments & amp; Flats in a secure environment
Oriental Lodge – Living where others go on vacation

Highlight 1: All apartments on the top floor have the same living space as a roof terrace. So, for example, an 80 square meter apartment has another 80 square meter roof terrace!

Highlight 2: There are penthouses there, which we call studio penthouse, 2-room penthouse and 3-room penthouses. Have you seen this before.

Completion is around the end of 2021 and most apartments have excellent sea views.

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