Athena Resort Hurghada

Athena Resort Hurghada means the touch of Greece paired with the flair of the Orient

A resort with its own charm and extraordinary possibilities. Athena Resort Hurghada is characterized by its special style and the wonderful outdoor area. Inspired by the Greek architecture, this seaview apartments are the successful mix of oriental and Greek architecture. Furthermore you will find here both – enchanting apartments and wonderful villas. There is something for every taste and every budget.

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A new idea and new style for Egypt

Moving away from common static residential complexes, new standards are being set. Moreover the Athena Resort means loving landscaping paired harmoniously with Mediterranean architecture in harmony with the elements. This beautiful seaview apartments are unique!

Seaview Apartments in Hurghada at the beach
Own a seaview apartment in Hurghada at the Red Sea

Pure enjoyment of life in bright colors

Greek architecture, clear lines, bright colors! Welcome to Greece? No, welcome to Egypt. In fact and more precisely Hurghada! Live the mystical experience of Athens in our luxurious resort! Get a little closer to the Greek gods of Olympus. A bright white is the basic color of the Athena Resort Hurghada and blue represents the colorful power of water, that is, of life. You will see the two components of sky and sea in it. Clear lines give people a feeling of security and security. Harmony in white and blue! The maritime white-blue of the Athena Resort conveys the feeling of pure Greek joie de vivre – the Red Sea always in sight!

The modern Mediterranean resort is being built to a high standard and its white interior gives it a luxurious and pure charm. Blue is particularly suitable for this because it represents the endless expanse of the sea. White embodies purity, i.e. pure life like a clear sky.

Clear shapes, white columns, smooth tiles. The ancient models of this prestigious resort are unmistakable. The pools also match the classicist design perfectly. The large property, the imposing and simple buildings are unique. In addition, the breathtaking view will convey a special feeling of living – pure life!

The Athena Resort Hurghada caught your attention? No wonder, because everyone likes Hurghada real estate for living and vacationing – here you can find out more!