Studio in Hurghada

Studio in Hurghada – Buy your dream property

With a studio in Hurghada it is possible to buy property for every budget at a fair price. With the purchase of such a small Studio in Egypt, your entry into renting or for your own use is perfect. You will be surprised how easy it can be to build capital.


The exclusive project Oriental Lodge offers you a luxury studio with sea views

18.938,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-OL-Studio-2-2 - Fantastic Studio with 45 sqm and sea view at an incredibly attractive price!
Beds 0
Baths 1
Area 45 m²

Studio with 58 sqm in the Projekt Turtles Beach Resort

27.326,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-ST-D3-2-1 - A popular resort right on the beach that offers you - the residents…
Beds 0
Baths 1
Area 58 m²

Turtles Beach Resort in Al Ahyaa at the coastal shore of the Red Sea

26.715,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TB-ST-D3-3-12 - Buy real estate on the Red Sea with Living Point!
Beds 0
Baths 1
Area 56 m²

Studio in Sahl Hasheesh with pool view

37.994,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-BV-D-119 - Bay View Resort Inexpensive studios (one-room apartments) with pool view.
Beds 0
Baths 1
Area 50 m²

So why a studio in Hurghada?

The trend towards short vacations is now many times higher than it was some time ago, because more and more people have to adapt to their jobs due to job stress and worries about their jobs. You have less time. In fact, incomes have also been falling for some time. So it is no wonder that the small but very cheap studio in Hurghada is gaining more and more importance. Airbnb, and other similar providers work primarily through price. And basically this also applies to pure personal use.

Merkkasten für 3-Zimmer-Wohnung in Hurghada von Living PointProperties by the sea generate better rental income and increase the sales value

This is precisely why apartments are preferred that are well equipped, not too big or small and are located on the beach or at least offer beach access. Firstly, almost all of our projects meet these criteria and, secondly, the additional costs are marginal.

And let’s be honest: Why shouldn’t you buy a studio in Hurghada right on the beach when it costs only marginally more? In any case, this makes leasing a lot easier and it is also better for your own use.

A short summery

Studio in Hurghada kaufen - ihr Einstieg in den ägyptischen Immobilienmarkt

Our expert tip: studios are particularly suitable for entry into real estate. The lower price makes buying a studio in Hurghada and paying the installments easier. A cash payment of course saves money because you almost always get an even better price. In addition, you can save money by buying unfinished properties. The disadvantage here is of course a higher risk, which you can take if necessary. Your lawyer can help you here.

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