2 bedroom apartment in Hurghada

2 bedroom apartment in Hurghada – your dreamhome at the beach

A wonderful 2-bedroom apartment in Hurghada is ideal for families with children or for a long-term stay. The additional bedroom can be used either for the children or as a guest room, but also as a hobby room. A good use will certainly always be found for it. We recommend an apartment with 2 bedrooms, however, especially for families (with children) and long-term residents such as those who stay in winter.

Luxurious penthouse in the Athena Resort Hurghada – bargain tip

132.264,00  Ras-Gharib-Road AR-Penthouse- A1-3-5 : It's a resort for young & amp; Old, for children and adults…
Beds 2
Baths 2
Area 134.25 m²

Fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment in Hurghada

43.999,00  Ras-Gharib-Road 234 LP-NM-2bed-217 - Fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment in Hurghada at Fahrouz area / reday to move…
Beds 2
Baths 1
Area 97 m²

Apartment with pool and sea views in the beautiful Turtles Beach Resort

41.040,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-2BD-D1-2-4 - Apartment with private beach, ocean and pools!
Beds 2
Baths 1
Area 76 m²

Beach resort with private beach and pools in Hurghada

47.294,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-2bed-D1-4-8 – Beautiful apartment with an enchanting view in the city of Hurghada, Egypt!
Beds 2
Baths 1
Area 78 m²

The holiday complexes / residential complexes we offer are almost always – like the one or the other 2-bedroom apartment in Hurghada presented on this website – directly on the sea or at least have access (sometimes for a fee) to the beach. For an explicit apartment, please ask the Living Point advisory team.

Basic equipment

In addition, the apartments are generally handed over with tiles, installed sanitary facilities and fully painted. Special requests can often – but not always – be commissioned at an additional cost. There are of course exceptions, please ask.

Rental options

The share of the 2 bedroom apartment in Hurghada in our total sales is about 25.7%. In our experience, this can be derived from the fact that the primary purchases for studios and apartment with 2 bedrooms are made for personal use or for renting out as a holiday home.

Merkkasten für 3-Zimmer-Wohnung in Hurghada von Living PointShort rent = high price! Long rental = low price!

It is often a mix of both options. The 2-bedroom apartment in Hurghada (i.e. with 3 rooms), on the other hand, is of course mainly bought for year-round personal use (i.e. by emigrants). Long-term tenants are particularly suitable for owners of apartment with 2 bedrooms. The advantage here is a long-term commitment and thus rental income and the disadvantage is that the income is lower.

We advise you without obligation and competently. It’s free of charge – but never for nothing!

Our expert tip: You can get a 2-bedroom apartment in Hurghada from us for less than € 50,000, but in Europe you wont have it for less than € 100,000 – usually more. In addition, the holiday apartments we offer are right on the Red Sea and have a private beach. Furthermore as I said before for a good half the price. Since you are definitely not stupid, you should start profiting just like the pros do! In this way they also provide for the pension! You will be grateful and happy about it every day now and later.

We have just randomly shown you four examples from our huge selection. Of course we have many more real estate offers in our program. Please click here to visit the site or use our award-winning search function.