1 bedroom apartment in Hurghada

1 bedroom apartment in Hurghada – your apartment by the sea

Buying a 2 room apartment in Hurghada is probably the best way to fulfill your wish for your own holiday apartment by the sea. Thanks to the separate bedroom, it offers space for residents even for longer stays. When you say to your friends: “Hey, I bought a 1 bedroom apartment in Hurghada by the sea!” How do you think how many of your friends and acquaintances secretly envy you for it? First they will say “how can you buy an apartment in Egypt?” And then it’s your permanent guests, but that’s OK too. Can you already generate your first rental income here?


Turtles Beach Resort offers a one-bedroom apartment with pool and ocean views!

35.914,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TB-1-bed-D3-3-6 – Don't miss the opportunity to buy your own paradise. Possibility of the installment…
Beds 1
Baths 1
Area 73 m²

A charming apartment is waiting for you in Hurghada on the Red Sea

33.168,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-1BD-D1-1-6 - Hurry up and get a piece of the Red Sea now!
Beds 1
Baths 1
Area 63.18 m²

1-bedroom apartment in the Athena Resort Hurghada at a bargain price

37.008,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-AR-1bed-A2-3-3 : This resort brings part of Greece to Egypt with its design.
Beds 1
Baths 1
Area 74.75 m²

Ready-to-move 2-room apartment on the beach at Turtles Beach Resort!

43.700,00  Ras-Gharib-Road LP-TBR-F1-8: A ready to move into apartment on the beach! This offer simply cannot and…
Beds 1
Baths 1
Area 51 m²

A 1-bedroom apartment in Hurghada is definitely suitable for long-term rental as a holiday apartment, as more and more retirees are “fleeing poverty in old age” either entirely or temporarily from Europe. And for this group of customers no studio is suitable, but you allow yourself a little more space.

The decision on the right apartment

In order to be able to make the right decision about the type and size of an apartment, the facts should first be recorded. For example, the separate bedroom is a great thing if you go to sleep at different times. You can also save a lot of money if you rarely use the apartment, because then it is enough to buy a 2-room apartment in Hurghada.

Merkkasten für Studio in Hurghada, 2-Zimmer-Wohnung in Hurghada, 3-Zimmer-Wohnung in Hurghada von Living PointBuy for your own needs, not anyone else!

A few exapmples why to buy this apartments

Example 1: No children or already out of the house? Then you don’t really need a second bedroom, right? You say now: “Maybe friends or the children will come and then you would need the extra bedroom?” Gladly, we are happy and will earn more as a result! But to be honest, we advise many customers “downwards”, that is, from a 3-room to a 2-room apartment in Hurghada. Through our experience and in the analysis discussions, we very often find that customers want to buy “wrong” – namely far too big. In truth, it usually looks like this: Friends will rarely visit you. And if they do, why can’t they rent something or go to a hotel? Do you seriously want to spend thousands more euros just to “keep” a bedroom? Please do not!

Example 2: Are your children around 14.15, 16 years old? Do you really think they want to go on vacation with mom and dad? And then also connected in a very small space. Think about it.

Studio in Hurghada kaufen - 2-Zimmer-Wohnung in Hurghada - 3-Zimmer-Wohnung in Hurghada

Our expert tip: The 1 bedroom apartment in Hurghada is still inexpensive – not to say cheap – to get. But the real estate market in Egypt is subject to rapid change and as we predicted in 2018, prices are now rising steadily. So now is the right time to be there!

But not every property is the right property – so let us advise you!

These were just two examples. You can find all properties in our online portfolio here.